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Contact Information:
please call me or e-mail me if there are any questions you have on the website.  Not everything I have done is up. If you have seen something at a show you would like then contact me.  I will send a picture and get it right out.  Most everything I do can be sent the same day. 
If you have any art requests follow this link or email me (best) : 
Fill it out and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you !  Lisa
Designs by Lisa, Inc.  (this is not a store front and if you want to pick up items call or inquire)
Renton WA 98059
I post daily on Facebook and Instagram my new art :  and instagram: udderly_delightful
My art can be purchased at various arts and craft shows and the Pike Place Creamery . The pandemic has closed quite a few shops that carried my product and will post those when they open up again.  

About Lisa


Since 1982 while working on my degree as a Food scientist I was drawing and creating my caricature animals to help relieve stress and to have another form of income to help me through college.

My summers were filled with going to some of the most attended art festivals In the Northwest. While I was continuing my career as a scientist I was still creating and figuring out a way to make a career as an artist.

I was able to land some big contracts with shirt companies and then left my full time job in 1988. Since then I have been working on designs to enhance products and continuing with the arts and craft shows and the fairs.

I do about 250 new designs every year and 12-17 craft fairs and festivals a year. The Puyallup Fair or Western Washington State Fair is where most of my customers recognize me. I have been doing the fair since 1987 when I did their theme design for their advertisement.

I tell my customers that I have been doing the fair since 1970 when I use to show my animals and my 4-H projects there. Having grown up on a farm milking cows and raising animals it inspired my love for them and a way to show their expressions.

My art has been in the Whitney Museum of American art in New York. In many stores and shops throughout the country and in more papers and articles than what I can list.

My goal when I create is to make something beautiful that anyone can afford. To give that young kid a piece of original art and let them see the difference and know the value of it verses a copy or print.

Most of my originals are priced under $200. A majority of my paintings are around $50.

I look at it as I can create a new one and hopefully something better and hopefully make a lifelong customer in the process.

I’m not afraid to work or try something new and am always listening to customers and trying to come up with something new and fun.

Hopefully my paintings bring a smile to you as they do me. It is the customers and sales that keep me creating.

Thank you

Lisa Rasmussen