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A promise to Zoe

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This is a book that was just released on Amazon.  A true inspiration from Rosie Bowden who came across my art at the Puyallup fair and was so moved by my piece that she broke down and then told me that she had a story for it.  It has now come to life and through the works of Randall Franks who has worked on a number of successful  motion pictures has helped Rosie bring her story to Amazon and eventually the big screen.  

The Progressive Dairyman article on my art

The Dec 2014 issue of the Progressive Dairyman posted an article on my art and three other cow artist.  Fun to see our perspectives and each of us grew up with cows. http://www.progressivedairy.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=12943%3Afemale-dairy-artists-bring-out-cows-personalities-in-paintings&catid=73%3Awomen-in-dairy&Itemid=116

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Illustrating to promote State and County fairs

I started out showing my animals in 4-H and then FFA at the local county fair.  Showing everything from dairy cows to chickens.  I saw there wasn't much art out there or many artist who grasp the humor of the animals while also making them look anatomically right.  28 years ago my art was used [...]

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Cows and why I love drawing them.

I am always looking for inspiration and new ideas to draw of cows. They are my favorite to draw and it all has to do with having to milk them and being around them as a kid.  It is always surprising to find out how little people know about cows and how smart and kind [...]

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