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Cows and why I love drawing them.

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I am always looking for inspiration and new ideas to draw of cows. They are my favorite to draw and it all has to do with having to milk them and being around them as a kid.  It is always surprising to find out how little people know about cows and how smart and kind they are.  I use to judge and show cows in 4-H and FFA and when I was young I was on the dairy judging team that was top in State.  I went to nationals for Milk Judging in FFA and placed at Nationals. Kinda like Napolean Dynamite.  And then in College at WSU I went on to place 3rd in the nation in Milk Judging.  

 I think I am up to 90 different cow designs and possibly more.  The ones with funny puns are my favorite.  Cows really do have a ton of character.


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